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We believe in well-crafted brands and good-looking products that connect deeply with consumers...

...that's why for 18+ years, we have ventured beyond tradition to create bold, memorable brands and signature packaging that instils trust in small companies and grows a loyal tribe of followers.

We empower you to be the proud custodian of a brand that looks beautiful, reliable and meaningful.

the mixed elements name was born of the alchemy that exists in the brand-development process. as with chemistry, it refers to the combination of just the right elements to create a perfect end result. we liken this to the idea of fabricating gold, a goal we aspire to in every project we undertake.

by mixing colours, fonts, textures, graphics and materials, we invent unique alchemic processes for each client, using these precious ingredients to create custom branding and irresistible design.

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I love collaborating with businesses who share in my sense of fun and my inclination to do things differently. I thrive on big-idea creativity, and relish the visionary journeys I get to take with my clients, imagining everything that their brands can achieve. I bring heart and soul to everything I do no matter whether I am designing for restaurants, hotels, retailers, publishers, boardgame developers, skincare brands or product specialists, my mission is always the same: to take someone’s passion for their business and turn it into mine.



What I love about creative direction is the way it allows me to flesh out an idea with conceptual thinking, and transform something that is intangible into a living, breathing project or brand – just like magic! And the fact that each project is so vastly different means that I get to create a new element of magic nearly every day. I thrive on this sort of thing: variety, new challenges and inspiring lessons.


current location

33˚98'81"S // 22˚45'30"E

aka “the studio"

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